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PCMS Member Corner: Reflections on First Year of Medical School

When I started medical school almost a year ago, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that medical school was going to be challenging. I also understood that I was one step closer in my mission of serving Arizona’s rural population, and I was ready to put in the

Fast forward to today, I have learned so much –from pathology, physiology, and pharmacology. Despite some hard days, I have had many fulfilling experiences. My commitment and passion towards medicine has been further cemented through rewarding experiences like volunteering at SAAF and participating the Rural Health Professional Program. Being surrounded by exceptional classmates and faculty, who are always ready to answer questions, share resources, and advocate for each other has made the experience even better. It’s also the kind patients who give us their time to help us grow into our roles as future physicians. This community continues to build each other up, and it shines through with our dedication to learn and serve.

Coming into my first year, I also didn’t know what to expect in terms of my time for family and other hobbies that usually replenished me. I thought starting medical school meant saying no to family gathering, watching movies or traveling. However, it’s UA COMT’s administration’s emphasis on wellness and balance has helped me keep up with the curriculum. Medical school does not mean saying “no” to everything outside of school or the hospital, and I still find time to do things for myself. But now, I have also found new roles that I can integrate into my wellness, like volunteering at CUP clinics and teaching compression-only CPR in the community through REACT.

As I am ending my first year, I similarly, don’t know what to expect as an M2. Change is always scary. How will STEP 1 go? How is the transition from didactics to clinicals? I still have many questions, but thanks to the community I now know I have at UA COM-T, I have faith no matter how challenging the next steps will be, I’ll have the guidance and support to succeed.

Written by Nandini Sodhi, PCMS Board Member
May 2023


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