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Legislative:  This is an ad hoc committee made up of local physicians who serve on the Arizona Medical Association Legislative Committee. The ArMA committee meets in November and February to give direction to ArMA staff about pending legislation. Our local physicians give and get input from the PCMS Board of Directors.

Managed Care:  Hassles are a big part of medicine today – from paperwork to late payments. This committee will examine all insurance hassles and suggest solutions. Designed to work closer with a similar committee at the state association, the ultimate goal is to work with the insurance industry, regulators and the Legislature to remedy a side of medicine that just doesn’t have to be.

Public Health: This is a catchall committee that studies all aspects of medicine that impacts the public health in Tucson and serves as an advisory committee to the Board of Directors.  The committee meets quarterly.

Bio Ethics: Physicians and lay leaders meet quarterly to discuss late breaking bioethics cases and local procedures. The committee’s objective is to be a citywide resource so every institution is on the same bioethics page.

Board of Mediation: Five physicians are elected to the Board of Mediation and together they attempt to mediate disputes between patients and PCMS members. All mediation is non-binding, but parties are usually satisfied with the process and result.

History: Medical history has not been well recorded in the Old Pueblo. This committee aims to remedy that.  The committee has MDs, DOs, historians and medical archivists as members.

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