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Pima County Medical Society Officers – 2024

  • Farshad Shirazi MD, President
  • Michael DeLong, President Elect
  • Wendy Huempfner, Vice President
  • Anil Prasad, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Roy Loewenstein MD, Past President

PCMS Board of Directors

  • Rohit Madan MD
  • Michael Ori MD
  • Art Sanders MD
  • Ken Sandock MD
  • Lisa Soltani MD
  • Tyler Kidd MD (Resident)
  • Yousif Youhana MD (Resident Alternate)
  • Andres Filipe Diaz (Medical Student)
  • Medical Student Alternate (to be determined)

Ex Officio Board Members

  • Robert Aaronson, MD, Pima Director
  • Christopher Bailey MD, Pima Director
  • Michael Abecassis, MD, Dean of UA College of Medicine
  • Theresa Cullen, MD, Director Pima County Health Department
  • Timothy Fagan, MD, Alternate AMA Delegate
  • Gary Figge, MD, AMA Delegate
  • Michael F. Hamant, MD, AMA Delegate
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