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Pima County Medical Society Mission

The purpose of the Society shall be to secure unity and harmony in the medical profession in Pima County; to bring together in one organization all reputable, ethical and competent physicians of Pima County for the purpose of maintaining high standards in the medical profession, and for the purpose of promoting the respected high reputation to which the medical profession’s history and achievement entitle it, and to promote the science and art of medicine; to develop a high type of ethical practice among its members; and to conserve and promote the public health.

Pima County Medical Society is one of Tucson’s oldest institutions

In 1903 the American Medical Association made it a “responsibility of professionalism” to belong to a county medical society. If one did not exist, then physicians were charged with starting one.

In 1904 physicians founded the Pima County Medical Society to “gather in one place all reputable physicians” in order to increase science, protect the public health and to place medicine in the “high light” to which learning entitles it.

Since then, Pima County Medical Society has been a gathering place for southern Arizona physicians to address concerns affecting the practice of medicine and health care.

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