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Keep track of the Arizona State Legislature through the PCMS website  

Pima County Medical Society is a founding member of the Arizona Healthcare Advocacy Coalition. The Arizona State Legislature will be considering several bills that will affect our members. The latest Arizona Medical Association bill tracking list is available below.

The ArMA legislature bill tracking list will be updated on a weekly basis and posted to the PCMS website. PCMS will do its best to update as quickly as possible.

You can make your voice heard through the Legislature’s Request to Speak System. Applications to sign up for the Legislature Request to Speak System are available by clicking here.

Weekly Recap

January 27, 2023

We are officially halfway through the first round of committee hearings. This means the Senate and the House only have three more weeks to hear bills from their chamber before successful bills move to the opposite chamber, though rumors are circulating that more hearings will be added. Senators have until Monday, January 30, to introduce bills, while Representatives have one additional week. After the deadlines pass, legislators cannot introduce any more new bills for the rest of this legislative session. Notably, this does not include strike-everything amendments.

The House Health Committee met on Monday, January 23, to hear four bills relating to developmental disabilities, dentistry, and liability relating to gender discrimination in women’s shelters. All four bills passed. The Senate Health and Human Services Committee did not meet this week but is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, January 31.

Next Week

This week, a slew of dangerous legislation was either introduced or assigned to be heard in a committee next week. We need your help to stop these bad bills in their tracks and protect the House of Medicine.

Here is what you need to know:

On January 26, SB1269 (nurse anesthetists; clinical rotations; appropriation) was introduced to allow CRNAs to practice independently from physicians. Although Governor Doug Ducey did send a letter to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) “opting out” of physician supervision while administering anesthesia if state law permits, CRNAs in our state are still required to practice under a physician. This legislation would remove that requirement and is a dangerous step in the wrong direction. The best way to ensure high quality care and lower costs is to maintain physicians as the leaders of the health care team. You can help by signing into the legislature’s Request to Speak system and saying no to SB1269.

On Monday, January 30, the House Health and Human Services Committee is meeting to discuss HB2467 (international medical graduates; licensure). The legislation is attempting to address Arizona’s physician shortage by allowing international medical graduates to bypass the required exams, certification, and post-graduate training to practice medicine in Arizona. Although the ArMA advocacy team successfully stopped the bill last year, it is back with a vengeance. We remain deeply concerned about the physician shortage and is committed to vetting alternative solutions, such as establishing a study committee to examine the physician shortage. Please sign into the legislature’s Request to Speak system and say no to HB2467. If you also can, email Representative Montenegro and the other committee members to express the negative implications this bill has on the medical community.

On Tuesday, January 31, the Senate Health and Human Services Committee is meeting to hear SB1248 (scope of practice; process; repeal). The Sunrise Review Process is an important tool used for legislators and the public to vet scope of practice expansions from healthcare professionals. Special interest groups are now trying to eliminate the Sunrise Review Process. Patients deserve quality health care led by physicians, and ArMA continues to fight against scope of practice expansions or licensing updates that are not accompanied by proper education and training. Take a minute to sign into the legislature’s Request to Speak system and say no to SB1248. Also, take five minutes to email Senator Shope and other committee members to voice your strong support for the Sunrise Review Process and your strong opposition to the bill.

If you need any assistance in using the Request to Speak system or emailing legislators, please email Eryn Streeter, Deputy Director of Government Relations, at for assistance.

By The Numbers

  • Days of Session: 19
  • Bills Introduced: 943
  • Bills Passed: 0
  • Bills Vetoed: 0
  • Bills Signed: 0

Key Dates and Deadlines

  • Senate Bill Introduction Deadline: Monday, January 30th
  • House Bill Introduction Deadline: Monday, February 6th
  • Last Day to Hear Bills in Chamber of Origin: Friday, February 17th
  • Crossover Week: Monday, February 20th
  • Last Day to Hear Bills in Opposite Chamber: Friday, March 24th
  • 100th Day of Session: Tuesday, April 18th

Upcoming Hearings

Monday, January 30

  • 2 PM House and Human Services, HHR 4
  • Link to watch hearing:
  • Agenda
  • Bills on Agenda
    • HB2001: department of health services; rulemaking
    • HB2042: acute care services; pilot program
    • HB2043: physician assistants; supervision; collaboration
    • HB2046: board of psychologist examiners
    • HB2194: drug overdose fatality review teams
    • HB2211: supplemental nutrition assistance program; eligibility
    • HB2227: child care monies; eligible organizations
    • HB2284: homelessness; housing; facilities
    • HB2313: child placement; relative search; notice.
    • HB2314: foster homes; inactive licenses.
    • HB2316: federal government; mandatory vaccinations; prohibition
    • HB2467: international medical graduates; licensure
    • HB2469: fentanyl; border; public health crisis
    • HB2474: school immunizations; exclusions
    • HB2499: nutrition assistance; transition pilot program

Tuesday, January 31

  • 2 PM Senate Health and Human Services, SHR 1
  • Link to watch hearing:

  • Bills on Agenda
    • SB1032: developmental disabilities; spina bifida.
    • SB1041: chiropractic care; nutritional supplements
    • SB1077: jails; mental health; evaluations; treatment
    • SB1078: podiatric medical assistants; radiation; exemption
    • SB1088: Good Samaritan; drug overdose; extension
    • SB1158: AHCCCS; naturopathic physicians
    • SB1248: scope of practice; process; repeal

Upcoming Events

  • Healthcare Day at the Capitol – Monday, February 6th 11 AM – 1 PM at Wesley Bolin Plaza
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