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PMP compliance takes effect in just a few weeks

The Arizona Controlled Substance Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) requirements to check the PMP goes into effect on October 16; the requirements require prescribers to obtain a patient utilization report.  It’s important that you understand the new law before it goes into effect.

The PMP is designed to reduce morbidity, mortality, misuse, and abuse related to prescription drugs, specifically opioids by providing a central database of all prescriptions dispensed for Schedule II, III, and IV controlled substances in Arizona.  An updated PMP Compliance Checklist is available at their website.

In addition, The Arizona Board of Pharmacy is making more information about electronic health record (EHR) integration available online, including what EHR vendors they have contacted to determine compatibility. It’s important that you check the Arizona Board of Pharmacy website and with your EHR vendor to determine if your system is ready for integration.

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