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Legislative Report

Governor Ducey signed an executive order calling on 27 state boards and commissions, including the AMB and AOB, to submit reports listing what professional licensing requirements are on the books.  The order requires boards to justify the existence of those requirements deemed “excessive.”  All are also required to detail the types of fines and fees assessed by the boards, the 10 most frequent violations for the profession the board regulates and how long it takes on average to get a license.  Reports are due by June 30.


HB 2194 – Would prevent minor children (under 18) from using indoor tanning facilities and prohibit facilities from advertising or distributing promotional materials that claim that using a tanning device is free from risk or will result in medical or health benefits. PASSED THE HOUSE, AWAITS SENATE VOTE.

HB 2195 – Streamlines the AMB’s physician license application processes, including changes on primary source verification, testing, substance abuse programs, and compensation to board members.  AWAITS GOVERNOR’S SIGNATURE.

HB 2030 – Will add urology services required to be covered in the telemedicine insurance parity statutes. PASSED HOUSE, AWAITS SENATE VOTE.

HB 2075 – Moves Radiation Regulatory Agency authority, powers, duties and responsibilities to the Dept. of Health Svs. PASSED HOUSE, AWAITS SENATE VOTE. 

HB 2090 – requires hospitals to offer patients 65 and older a flu vaccine prior to discharge; there is already a CMS requirement on this.  PASSED HOUSE, AWAITS SENATE VOTE.

HB 2134 – A bill empowering parents to send their kids to school or camp with sunscreen and allows them to apply it.  Dermatologists are spearheading the passage of this measure. AWAITS GOVERNOR’S SIGNATURE.

HB 2195 – The Arizona Medical Board wants to streamline changes to their license application processes. The bill includes changes on primary source verification, testing, substance abuse programs, and board member compensation.  SIGNED BY GOVERNOR. 

HB 2205 – Repeals the Advisor6 Health Council, Prostate Cancer Task For and Biomedical Research Commission.  SIGNED BY GOVERNOR.

HB 2208 –  Inhalers; administration; schools; authorized entities.  SIGNED BY GOVERNOR. 

HB 2307 – Controlled substances prescription monitoring program. SIGNED BY GOVERNOR.

HB 2382 –. It allows a pharmaceutical manufacturer or its representative to engage in truthful promotion of an “off-label use of a drug, biological product or device.  The amendment adds a provision that prohibits the state from enforcing federal statues prohibiting drug misbranding or otherwise prosecuting a pharmaceutical manufacture or its representative for doing so. AWAITS GOVERNOR’S SIGNATURE. 


SB 1023 – Will add schedule V controlled substances to the state’s prescription drug monitoring program. SENATE APPROVED, AWAITS HOUSE VOTE.

SB 1028 – A bill to continue the Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners in Medicine and Surgery.  AWAITS GOVERNOR’S SIGNATURE.  

SB 1047 – Extends the statutory life of the Board of Medical Student Loans four year to July 1, 2021.  SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR.

SB 1080 – A bill that would ban texting by new teen drivers for the first six months of licensure. APPROVED BY SENATE, AWAITS HOUSE VOTE.

SB 1133 — clarifies the collaboration requirement in current law for nurse practitioners and to separately regulate certified nurse midwifes.  SIGNED BY GOVERNOR.

SB 1235 – The bill allows podiatrists with proper training to perform toe and partial foot amputations. SIGNED BY GOVERNOR.

SB 1236 – Requires Dept. of Child Safety and AHCCCS to prepare reports twice a year that compares the prescription rate of “psychotropic medications” prescribed to foster children who get services from AHCCCS with those prescribed to non-foster kids who receive services.  AWAITS GOVERNOR’S SIGNATURE. 

SB 1269 – Will allow pharmacists to dispense oral fluoride rinse, prescribe nicotine replacement drugs in conjunction with tobacco cessation programs, and do short term emergency refills on medications for chronic conditions when the prescriber cannot be reached.  SIGNED BY GOVERNOR.  

SB 1336 – The unresolved issues concerning the definition of “direction” for physicians and surgeons and anesthesiologists, and on the limitations on CRNAs for providing chronic pain services remain have been resolved by stakeholders.  The bill can now proceed through the normal legislative process in the House.  SENATE APPROVED, AWAITS HOUSE VOTE. It is expected to win approval.

SB 1367 – If a human fetus or embryo is “delivered alive,” the physician performing the abortion is required to document and report to DHS the measures the physician performed to maintain the life of the fetus or embryo.  ONLY NEEDS GOVERNOR’S SIGNATURE. 

SB 1437 – Known as the “right to earn a living” measure, limits all occupational regulations to those demonstrated to be necessary to specifically fulfill a public health, safety or welfare concern.  SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR. 

SB 1439 – Forbids discriminating against a health care entity on the basis that the entity does not provide, assist in providing or facilitate in providing any health care item or service for the purpose of causing or assisting in causing the death of any individual.  SIGNED BY GOVERNOR.

SB 1440 – Calls on the AHCCCS Director to establish an internal clinical oversight review committee to analyze data specific to agency initiatives and populations. PASSED SENATE, AWAITS HOUSE VOTE. 

SB 1441 – Sets up a dispute resolution process for patients facing “surprise,” out-of-network bills more than $1,000.  SENATE HAS APPROVED, AWAITING HOUSE VOTE. 

SB 1452 – Makes changes to the health licensing board laws, particularly related to what portions of a health professional licensee’s disciplinary records must be posted on the licensing board’s website.  APPROVED BY THE SENATE, AWAITING HOUSE VOTE.







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