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PCMS Member Corner: Why I Serve on the PCMS Board of Directors

Why I Serve on the PCMS Board of Directors

My name is Andres F. Diaz and it is with great honor that I step into the role of Medical Student Representative for our distinguished society. My journey in medicine has been a dynamic interplay of academic pursuits, global health initiatives, and a deep-rooted commitment to community health well-being. Driven by a passion for global health advocacy and practice, my experiences have underscored the significance of meaningful and purposeful community engagement to achieve improved health outcomes locally and abroad. Thus, to broaden my scope of experiences and fortify my commitment to our community, I eagerly joined the Pima County Medical Society.

My decision to serve in the PCMS is in part anchored to the belief that robust local community engagement is integral to the success of global health initiatives. I have a personal and professional interest in addressing global pediatric cancer care disparities.

Throughout my academic career as an MD/PhD student I have had the opportunity to engage in this work and have learned overtime that equitable access to pediatric cancer care requires a nuanced understanding of local contexts, regardless of country and region. This realization has shifted my perspective on what effective health advocacy looks and acts like.

As a member of PCMS, I hope to work with the Board of Directors and my medical student colleagues to address the health and wellness needs of our community. By fostering collaboration between medical professionals, medical trainees, and the people of Tucson, I hope to play a part in making our great city a happier and healthier place to live. Through this service, I hope to ultimately build the skills and knowledge necessary to one day contribute to a more equitable landscape in pediatric cancer care.

During my tenure as Medical Student Representative, I plan to serve as a liaison for students, striving to connect our community of medical professionals with the next generation of medical trainees in Pima County. Medical education is an arduous and demanding endeavor, and there is no doubt that mentorship and community-building play an integral part of the medical training process. As such, I plan to leverage our joint expertise and connections to play an active role in the mentorship and successful development of new medical professionals in and for our community. Likewise, I plan to tap into my relationship with the University of Arizona College of Medicine to organize opportunities for medical students to serve and play an active role in the betterment of the health and wellness of Pima County.

Beyond medicine, I have passion for cooking and bartending. Before embarking on my medical journey, I co-founded a small café—Amuse 5— with my mother, an endeavor that allowed me to blend my passion for culinary arts with community engagement. I also find joy in brewing beer and crafting mead, exploring the artistry of fermentation, and feeding need the to always work in a laboratory-like setting.

As the Medical Student Representative for PCMS, I look forward to contributing to the synergy between global and local health efforts, recognizing that true advocacy encompasses both the broader global landscape and the intricacies of our local neighborhoods.

By Andres F. Diaz, PCMS Board of Directors, Medical Student, MD/PhD candidate | Cancer Biology
Pronouns: He/Him/His
January 2024



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