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Board of Directors Elections Results 2023

Board of Directors Election Results 2023

Thank you to all the PCMS members who have elected to hold an officer position. Officers hold office for one year in each position. Those elected to the board will serve terms from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2026. Appointed members will serve the remainder of the terms of the vacated positions. Results of the 2023 Pima County Board of Directors Elections:

Farshad Shirazi MD, President
Michael DeLong, President Elect
Wendy Huempfner, Vice President
Anil Prasad, Secretary/Treasurer
Roy Loewenstein MD, Past President

Board of Directors (Elected)
(Five Positions)
1. Rohit Madan MD
2. Michael Ori MD
3. Art Sanders MD
4. Ken Sandock MD
5. Lisa Soltani MD

(One representative, one alternate)
Tyler Kidd MD
Yousif Youhana MD (Alternate)

(One representative, one alternate)
Andres Filipe Diaz
Alternate to be determined

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