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Volunteers Needed to Help with COVID-19 Vaccination Dispensing

As the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine accelerates, volunteers are needed to help staff the effort to get shots into our citizens’ arms and protect our community against the virus.

Volunteers at our vaccination points of distribution (PODs) will receive their first vaccine during their term of service. However, because of the logistics of volunteer scheduling, this vaccination may not be given on the first day of volunteering. We are also asking for a time commitment of 36 hours from volunteers who are at the PODs to help us increase efficiency.

With the County having plans to quickly expand from two to six regional vaccine centers, medical personnel who are interested in volunteering should register through the Medical Reserve Corps of Southern Arizona (MRCSA). You can read about their volunteer program at that link, and here is a direct line to their online application.

From there, MRCSA coordinators will be in contact to help connect volunteers with opportunities.

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