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VA Proposes Scope Of Practice Expansion For Nurses

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs released its proposed rule regarding Advanced Practice Registered Nurses.  It grants independent practice to all APRNs in the VA health system, including nurse anesthetists.

While nurse practitioners (NPs) and certified nurse midwives (CNM) can practice independently in Arizona, certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA) and clinical nurse specialists (CNS) cannot. With the adoption of this new rule expanding the scope-of-practice for CRNA and CNS, VA will put in jeopardy the quality care our veterans receive from a physician-led treatment team. It’s important that we let VA know our veterans don’t deserve second-tier treatment.

VA will accept public comment about the proposed rule for the next 60 day, which began May 25.  After that, they’ll issue their final rule.

Make your objection to the new rule heard by going to

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