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New PCMS Partnership Provides Cost Saving Benefits on PPE

Dear PCMS Member,

We are excited to announce a new COST SAVING benefit for our members on an American made, quality N95 folded respirator (mask) manufactured here in our home state of Arizona by Triviciti Health. Negotiated pricing for our members is up to 50 percent off the manufacturer’s retail sales website – the price per mask is $2.29 – $2.79, depending upon quantity ordered.

The Triviciti Protec™ N95 folded respirators have been approved for use in the EU to protect against COVID-19 and currently bear the EU CE Mark for this. In addition, these masks have been tested in the United States by independent labs and NIOSH (CDC) and have been shown to meet or exceed 95 percent filtration efficacy protection and applicable U.S. standards for inhalation and exhalation resistance. Further, each lot of masks is quality tested during the manufacturing process to ensure filtration efficacy and inhalation and exhalation resistance standards are met.

We are also excited to announce a second additional new COST SAVING benefit for our members on difficult to get medical grade Synmax blue hybrid vinyl-nitrile glove mix, which are also rated for chemo. These gloves are FDA 510 K cleared and are available immediately for our members at a generous discount. The price per box is $19.49 – $23.99, depending on if you purchase masks along with the gloves.

Under this combined program, negotiated pricing for our members is at a discount of up to 50 percent (for masks) and 30 percent (for gloves) off the price specified for these products on Triviciti Health’s retail sales website. In addition to the special members only pricing and the immediate availability of these masks and gloves, we are also excited to support a local Arizona company that has brought new jobs to our community.

To access the special pricing being offered for these masks and gloves, you can go to the special Triviciti Health PCMS website at or click on the link on our website, so you can take advantage of both of these great benefits, great pricing, quick delivery and a quality product. We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues, associates, family and friends who need respirator masks and gloves.

For additional information regarding these masks and/or gloves and the special pricing for PCMS members, please call Triviciti’s special PCMS Customer Service number at (800) 237-7784.

Thank you,

Dennis Carey
Executive Director
Pima County Medical Society

Triviciti Health Corp
120 E. Corporate Place, Suite 14, Chandler, AZ 85225

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