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Health Department shares information on monkeypox (MPX)

The Pima County Health Department wants to share with our Southern Arizona partners some items for monkeypox (MPX) and provide you some questions for feedback (see survey link at bottom) after our meeting on Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

  • PCHD’s MPX page
  • PCHD Protocol Examples
    • Testing & Coordination between Epidemiology & Public Health Nursing
      • See attached
    • Vaccination consent
      • Monkeypox Immunization form (English & Spanish)
    • We are finalizing other protocols
  • Contacting PCHD
    • Epidemiology:
      • (520) 724-7797
        • 24 hours disease reporting line
    • Administrator on call (AOC)
      • (520) 288-5427
        • This will be used to request vaccine after hours & weekends
  • Coordinating MPX vaccine from PCHD to your jurisdiction
    • Process will depend on responses to survey (here and link below) and protocol will be developed and sent out as PDF once finalized
      • Response pending from ADHS on ability to utilize a state-supported courier service to transport vaccine between counties/jurisdictions
    • Who to contact for MPX Vaccine at PCHD:
    • Information to provide with MPX vaccine request:
      • Doses needed
      • Is this the initial dose or second dose
      • Date vaccine needs shipped or being picked up
      • Who is picking up the vaccine for transport (Name, phone #, organization)
  • PCHD Survey to assess Monkeypox operations for Southern Arizona Jurisdictions
  • If you have other individuals you’d like to include on communications about MPX with PCHD you can include them as an alternative POC in the above qualtrics survey OR reply back to Jennifer McDowell and myself.

To access all documents forwarded by the health department, click here.

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