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A Message from PCMS Board President, Dr. Robert Segal

A brief message from the President of the Pima County Medical Society, written on April 15, 2020.

The graph to the left shows COVID-19 deaths per million people in a country’s population.

If you go to Our World in Data website, you can look at current, accurate data from many perspectives. The United States, with 328 million people will achieve 100 deaths per million of its citizens when the number reaches 100, (right now we are more than 70) or the raw number reaches 32,800 deaths, which is anticipated in three days. This represents one death per 10,000 citizens.

There is no indication that the graph will level off at 100; Italy and Spain show that the number can reach 200, 300 or more.

Pima County Medical Society advises that individuals stay home if possible,  wear a mask if they must go out, practice social distancing and remember that 13 feet from another person is better than 6 feet.

If you must go out, do not take the family with you. Minimize the time you must be away from home. It may be a good idea to assume that everyone you see has the virus, because many are infected and have no symptoms whatsoever, but can still spread the infection. Do not stray far from home.

Stay safe, stay home, stay healthy by exercising, and eating sensibly,  avoid contact with other people, clean surfaces regularly,  wash your hands often, and read reliable sources of information from the World Health Organizatio and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, available on our website, and try to weather this storm. We don’t know how long this will last.

Robert Segal, MD
Pima County Medical Society

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