Deaths in the Pima County Health Care Family


2009: October

Thomas M. Gragg MD, psychiatry, d. September 30, age 71. Born in Albuquerque 5/3/38.  Med school: Northwestern.  Career in California.  Retired to Tucson in 2001.  Never a member.
Barbara Joann Ross RN, d. October 3, age 82.  Trained at St. Mary’s, becoming a nurse in 1948.  Retired 20 years ago.     
Mary F. Buss RN, d. Sept. 19, age 86.  Worked for State of Arizona.           
Lois Jean Baker RN, MS, Lt. Col USAF ret., d. Sept. 25, age 78.  Nurse in air force.  Became primary care nurse practitioner.  Taught at UA College of Nursing 1978-1984.        
Linda Susan Massey Terry, nurse, d. Sept. 22, age 59.  Worked as surgical nurse in L&D at TMC.    
Kay Graham RN, d. Sept. 19, age 89.  18 years as nurse at St. Joseph’s in Tucson.   
Evelyn K. Childress, nurse, d. September 18, age 95.  Nursing school Kings County, Brooklyn. 
Jean Brookner, nurse, d. Sept. 18.  Nursing school Lenox Hill.   
Jesse Newman, pharmacist, d. Sept. 5, age 84. Chief of Pharmacy at VA 1963-1981.
OthersHarriet Mae Fuchs, widow of Morton Fuchs MD and mother of Michael Fuchs MD (Tucson internists, both of whom served as PCMS presidents) d. October 3, age 80.

Ralph L. Probstfeld, father of Michael Probstfeld MD, died Sept. 25, age 88.


2009: January through April


Frans Herman Pothoff MD, family practice, d. April 7, age 82. Born in Dutch East Indies 4/9/26. Med school: Leiden (Holland) ‘53. Trained in Pennsylvania. Came to Tucson in 1962. Solo practice for many years until he joined Thomas Davis. Served on PCMS insurance committee and was a delegate to ArMA for three years. Member 1965-2009.

Juanita Joyce Smith,d. March 16, age 81. Nurse in TMC NICU for 25 years.

Alice Crist Malone, d. Feb 3, age 97. Nurse/professor at Univ of Chicago and founded the nursing program at Univ. of Pittsburgh.

Marianne Nieder, d. Mar. 21, age 85. Became a nurse in Germany during World War II. Worked at TMC as a nurse and med tech.

Cecelia L. Gregory RN, d. March 15, age 96. Nurse in Tucson for over 60 years, beginning at Desert Sanatorium. Many on the Committee recalled she had been Gen. Pershing’s nurse when he was deathly ill in Tucson during the 1930s.

Roberta Ruth Miller Stephens Galton RN, d. March 31, age 96. Nurse from 1935 to 1972 (in Tucson 1960-1972).

Therese Marie Way RN, d. Feb 13, age 73. Survived by Thomas Way MD (who spent career in Merced CA).

Helen-Louise Casey, d. April 8, age 86. Graduated from St. Mary’s school of nursing in 1943.

Benjamin Schultz, d. March 13, age 98. Pharmacist in New Jersey for 60 years. Came to Tucson in 1989.

Others: Irma Oxley Call (Sex ed educator) d. Feb 28. Mother of Thomas Rothe MD d. in March. Eleanor McDivitt, widow of Marcus McDivitt, d. March 5


Randy Doner MD, family practice, d. Feb. 20, age 54, heart attack. Tucson native. Med school; Arizona ‘79. Trained KC MO. Practiced Hawaii ’83-90. Worked in Tucson with FHP, UMC/Catalina. Oro Valley Family Practice ’98-2009. Came to Tucson as ANS instructor, UA College of Medicine. Member 1999-2009.

Salvador Antonio Martinez-Matiella MD, psychiatrist, d. Feb 20, age 82. Nogales native. National University (Mexico City) ‘52. Trained St. Mary’s, Mt. Sinai Chicago. Practiced in Illinois. APA Distinguished Life Fellow 2004. Retired and returned to Tucsonin 1986. Never a member. Dr. Hastings said his Tucson High classmate, Joan Brady, was Dr. Martinez’s wife. He said the physician was a very nice man.

Aaron Weston MD, general practice, d. Feb. 8, age 97. Practiced 60 years in Jamaica, Queens. Never a member.

Mary Noel Searle, d. March 7, age 88. Nurse and rancher in San Raphael Valley.

Margaret Wilhelmi (nurse) d. Feb 23, age 83. Nurse 20 years at St. Joseph’s.

Mercedes Summer RN, d. Feb. 13, age 69. Graduate of St. Mary’s school of nursing, worked at Copper Queen, TMC and El Rio.

Julia Cota Dahlstrand RN, died Jan 24, age 68. Nurse in Peru, afterwards an interpreter with the courts in Tucson.

Eoto Russell Stokes RN, MSN, d. Feb 10, age 86. Moved to Tucson in Tucson, long after retirement in 2001.

Therese Marie Way RN, d. Feb 13, age 73. Survived by Thomas Way MD (who spent career in Merced CA).

Elizabeth Phillips RN, d. Feb 8, age 86. Organized employee health services at TMC.

Mary Horn Spencer RN, d. Feb 5, age 88. Worked as nurse at Tucson VA. Established first blood bank in Sioux City.

Others: Glenda Lee Smith Macafee (receptionist Tucson Clinic) d. Feb 5. Shirley Zuckerman (mother of Mel Zuckerman after whom the College of Public Health is named) d. Feb 12. Ralph Simons (younger brother of Bernard “Bud” Simons MD), d. Feb 24. Diana Collins Dudley (widow of Art V. Dudley MD) d. Feb 15.


Enrique Boido, d. 12/30/08, age 83.  He is the son of Dr. Lorenzo Boido, a physician on the PCMS Wall of Fame.

James Angiulo MD, anesthesiologist and judge, d. Feb. 8, age 61, brain tumor.  NY Medical College ’72.  Trained at Florida ’72-75.  Came to Tucson as ANS instructor, UA College of Medicine.  1977-2000 ran ANS group at Kino.  Justice of Peace 2000-2008.  PCMS president 1996.  He and Dr. Klein were PCMS Physicians of the Year 1999.  Member 1976-2009.

George Kerrihard MD, general practice, gastroenterology, d. Feb 1, age 80, Alzheimer’s.  Illinois College of Medicine ’54.  Trained Cook County.  General practice, Madison Wisc. 1957-1970. Trained in gastro, THMEP and UA ’70-74.  Gastro 1974-1998.  Member 1971-2009

William Maier MD, general practice, psychiatry, d. Jan 24 (at St. Joes Neuro Inst.), age 78.  Med School Oregon ’55.  USPHS 56-58.  Nigeria 58-62.  Residency and fellowship Oklahoma 64-68.  Member off and on ’77-09.  Dr. Fulginiti noted that Dr. Maier and his first wife used to play tennis with him, and that his son is a physician who trained at Arizona and his daughter is a psychiatric nurse.

Frank W. Laird MD, internal medicine, ANS, d. Jan 9, age 87. Med school USC.  I/R USPHS New Orleans and Oklahoma.  Fellowship in ANS Case Western Reserve.  Licensed in AZ in 1953, but does not seem to have practiced here.  Member 04-09. 

Ira Tepper MD, JD, OB/GYN and attorney, d. Jan. 13, pancreatic cancer, age 79.  Med school SUNY Downstate.  Earned law degree  from UA in 1990.  Member 88-2009. 

Lynn Samer MD, d. Jan 23, age 43.  Med school UA ’92 (commencement speaker).  Never a member.       

Cheralynn Schnepp RN, d. Feb 4 (stroke), age 58.  35 years at TMC.   

Wanda L. Culberson (nurse) d. Feb 2, age 83.  Nurse 25 years in Ohio. 

Sohia V. Babula RN, nurse anes, d. Jan. 23, age 83.  57 year Tucson resident. 

Marcella McCarty RN, MPH., died Jan 10, age 94.  Nurse midwife (Harlem), VA, CA state board, Pasadena schools.

Mary Clare Babcock (private duty nurse), d.  Jan 12.  Career in Mass.

Billie Jean Underwood, nurse at Good Samaritan during WW II, later PhD in psychology and taught at Pima, d. Jan 19. 

Cathleen Simpson RN, d. Jan 2, age 48.  Two heart/lung transplants. 

Vivian Sharpe (nursing degree from St. Mary’s), d. Jan 12, age 88.  Worked as nurse at Johns Hopkins and St. Mary’s.  Retired 1986. 

Others:  Robert Meadmore (worked in radiology, nuclear medicine);  Anita Zumuano (mother of two physicians); Physician father of Tom Rothe MD died Jan 16 in California; Kathleen Noon Grantham, age 94, died.  She was the granddaughter or great granddaughter of PCMS Wall of Fame inductee Dr. Augustus Noon.


Paul Skinner PhD, emeritus professor family and community medicine, d. November 2. 

Murray A. Katz MD, professor of medicine and physiology UA College of Medicine (from 1974), d. Nov. 17 of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, age 67.  Born in New Mexico, undergrad and medical school at Johns Hopkins ’67, residency at Hopkins, further training (nephrology) Texas in Dallas 71-74.  Prolific author.  Never a member.

Chester Congdon D’Autremont MD, neurology and child psychiatry (Boston), d. 12/6 from Parkinsons, age 88.  Lived in Tucson 1929-1937.  Harvard ’44.  Never a member.  His father Hubert was president of Southern Arizona Bank and died suddenly in 1946 or 47.  His mother Helen was a founder of the local League of Women Voters and is commemorated on a plaque at the old YWCA. His sister still lives in Tucson and was married to James Jesus Angleton, the CIA agent convinced of moles in the agency.

Sylvan B. Green MD, Director of Biometry and Inaugural Linda McCartney Breast Cancer Chair in Biometry at UA Cancer Center, d, Dec. 13 of pancreatic cancer, age 62.  Med school Penn. After internship in 1973, he spent 24 years with NCI.  Never a member.

Charles John Hornisher MD, Army physician with a 20 year post military practice in Tucson, d. Jan. 7, age 90.  Med school Geo. Wash. University (DC) ’42.  Military through 1963 when he retired as hosp. Cmdr. At Fort Huachuca.  Internal med practice through 1984 in Tucson.  Complete CV through 1963.  Sombrero interview Apr. 2008.

Mary Ann Ross RN, MA psych, d. 12/17 age 82.  Nurse during WW II, MA psychologist later.     

Rudolph Charles Montenegro, d. 12/23, age 60.  EMT and Nurse. 

Jennifer Van Kirk RN d. Dec 8, age 59.  Trained a generation of EMTs.  Died in a car crash – not wearing a seatbelt.  No one on the committee believes she did not have her seatbelt on because she was always the first to buckle-up and advised others to do so, too.

Mildred Kane Reinold RN, d. Dec. 3, age 90.  25 years in TMC nursery.  Retired 1976.

Walter Harold Gross, R.Ph., died Dec. 10, age 75.  State board member, Casas Adobes Pharmacy, owed Feig’s deli.

Teresa Stephens, retired from Indian Health Service, died Dec 12.

Eleanor Albertson Hancock, d. Nov 20.  Widow of Robert B. Johnson MD (who played varsity football at UA and went missing for a month in 1968 before being found dead by San Manuel).  Dr. Dale said he recalled playing on Dr. Johnson’s tennis court off Fifth street.

Mary Alice Nieto, d. Nov 22.  Mother of Dr. Rhonda Nieto, who is a UA College of Medicine grad, trained in part at THMEP and is now a Phoenix anesthesiologist.

Cindy Wool, Tucson native, d. Nov. 30 from complications of leukemia, age 54.  Wife of Steve Wool MD.  Dr. Klein added that her grandfather (Elmer) owned Daniel’s Jewelers.  Her dad attended the 1933 Worl Boy Scout Jamboree in 1933.

Dr. Klein noted Dr. Deborah Kroack’s brother died.  The son of Ralph Fuller MD died.  The mother of David Couch MD died.  Dr. Levin noted that Dr. Douglas Edwin Greer died 12/27 in Aiken, S. Carolina.  He was a PCMS member 1981-1987.


2008 Deaths


Howard L. Kirz MD, emergency medicine/adm. medicine, d. August 22 of a heart attack while bicycling, age 65.  Med school: U of Chicago.  Practice mainly in Washington state. Never a member.

Linda Susan Stewart Hill, St. Mary’s patient tech nurse, emergency room technician, d. June 16, age 50.   

Cameron “Dawn” Ingram RN, d. Sept 15, age 72. 

Edith Hamilton Myers d. Nov. 1, age 81 – wife of Harmon Myers DO, mother-in-law of dermatologist Tamara Whiteley-Myers.

Dr. Klein said Mary Fried died October 26.  She worked in microbiology at TMC.  Born in Canada, she was a Tucson High graduate and had a PhD.  “She was always helpful and friendly,” he said.  

Dr. Klein, who spoke at Dr. Whaley’s funeral, passed around the funeral program and noted the officiating minister could really speak.  He noted many of Dr. Whaley’s colleagues were in the audience.


Joseph Sexter Whaley MD, family practice, d. October from lymphoma, age 74.  Med school: Hahnemann.  Private practice 154 S. Main, 368 E. Grant 1963-1998. Arizona prison physician 1998-2008.  Member 1963-2008.  PCMS President 2003. Dr. Klein said Dr. Whaley suffered from lymphoma.  He had chemo, then contracted a virus.  He was hospitalized Wednesday and died October 11.  He came here in 1963 and his application was endorsed by A.B. Thompson MD and William Holsey MD.  He took over Thompson’s practice.  He was PCMS president in 2003 and the incumbent president of the Foundation.

Andre Bruwer MD, radiology, d. Sept. 29, age 89.  Med School: Cape Town, South Africa ‘42.  Came to US in 1946 and did a residency at Mayo ’47-51.  Moved to Tucson in 1957 and became a US citizen in 1958.  Radiology Ltd., Cerelle Center.  Member 1957-2008.  Dr. Bruwer has a physician son, Michael, in practice and it is believed his son Eric was also a physician.  His skiagraphs are works of art.  Dr. Hastings recalled a physician discussion group that used to meet at Vince’s restaurant on Speedway that turned into “mainly Viet Nam.  Dr. Bruwer was part of that group.  Dr. Jackson said that he, Dr. Wright  and Dr. Bruwer used to meet at Dr. Nash’s house for discussions in the early part of this century.

Crystal Ann Popvich RN, d. Sept 17, age 52.  UA College of Nursing grad, 17 years at St. Mary’s.

Dorothy Grace Sheffield Bjelland d. Oct 3, age 89 – mother of radiologist John Bjelland.  Marjorie Ann Kalota, d. Sept 5, mother-in-law of Susan Kalota MD.


Catherine Metzger Rose MD, Radiology, d. June 22 from cancer, age 49.  Med school and training: Arizona.  Radiology Ltd and UA Dept of Radiology.  Member 1998-2008. 

Robert B. Patterson MD, general practice, d. June 27.  Med School: Louisville ’60.  Practiced 30 years in Willcox.  Never a member.  Dr. Klein remembered him coming to his office and introducing himself.  Another member said he was gruff and lived in a Willcox house with a stockade fence in front that he called “Fort Pat.”

Myron Morris MD, pediatrics and allergy, d. June 23.  Med School: Vanderbilt, PhD from Wisconsin.  Practiced in Boston, retired to Tucson in 1993.

Darrel E. Goll, PhD, died July 21 of a heart attack.  PhD. Biochem Wisconsin 1962. UA faculty 1976.  Founding member of the Sarver Heart Center.

Marguerite N. Graham, pioneer woman pharmacist, died in early June, age 89.  Came to Tucson after WW II, worked at Swan Drug and Southern Pacific Hospital.  Swan Drug was recalled as being just east of Swan and Speedway and having a swan on the sign.

Margaret L. D. Burns RN, MSN, EdD d. July 27, age 69.  Nurse around the country, last 10 years in Tucson with the juvenile detention center and UPH.

Ann Hardy Payne, RN, d. early August.  Lived in Green Valley, married to Dr. Howard Payne.  Dr. Payne was a former ArMA president.

Linda M McCleland, RN, d. Aug. 19, age 59. Nurse night supervisor St. Joseph’s for 31 years.

Melissa Anne Gunn, RN, d. June 27, age 57.  Born in Tucson in 1951.  Family and career took her around country.  Died in Farmington where she was a nurse and practice manager.

Cherie Brown, RN, d. July 22 colorectal cancer, age 49.   Trauma nurse, St. Joseph’s.

Margaret Coy RN, d. July 8, age 79.  Worked in New York and Arizona until she retired in 1990.

Dr. Klein said Dr. Shaun McManimon’s mother died, Ed Felix’s widow died June 26, the widow of former PCMS President Dennis Bernstein died July 27, Jeff Selwyn’s dad died and Henry Kagan, a long-time TMC volunteer died.   


Richard Brown, pediatric cardiology, d. May 11, age 80 of prostate cancer.  Med School: Jefferson Medical College, ’54. Internship Cincinnati Gen Hosp, ’55-’56. Residency Cincinnati Children’s Hosp, ’57-58. Residency, pediatric cardiology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, pediatric cardiology. Practiced in Tucson until retirement in ’97.

Mabel Mae Baker RN, d. May 5.  Air force nurse 1944-1950. 

Dr. Klein said Dr. M. Lee Shultz’s mother in law died and that Peter Ryers’s mom died. 


Brenda Brose (Lazar) MD, d. May 10, age 67.  Med. School Northwestern ‘66, ophthalmology.  Evanston IL practice ’70-’88. Tucson practice 1988 GHMA, later joined Tucson Eye Associates.  Retired 2007.  Member 1990-2008. 

Samuel N. Pozner MD, d. April, age 84.  Medical School Toronto ’52.  Practiced in Toronto 1957-1975, Israel 1975-1979, Tucson 1979-2000.  Member 1980-1988. 

Eva Wallen Foti MD, d. March 31, age 91.  Cornell/Vermont medical education.  Practiced at military hospitals where her husband was stationed.  Family practice.  Never a member. 

Sheila Bakotic, 56, died 4/22.  Wife of  Raymond Bakotic DO.   Donna Hill RN, 63, died 5/4.  Widow of Dr. Ron Hill.  Janet Gallagher, 81, died 5/4.  Widow of Hugh Gallagher MD.  Elaine Saba, 94, died 4/25.  Widow of Dr. Joseph Saba (Bisbee).

Mary Garcia RN, d. 4/20, age 83.  30 years at Thomas Davis.

Janet Mae Nolf RN, died 4/7, age 83.  24 years at VA.

Dr. Klein said there was a memorial in the paper in April for Dr. John Wild (senior).  Jack Eversole of Blue Cross died as did Dr. Steven Strober’s mother.  There was also a long write-up about the life of Dr. Coady.


Lloyd S. Epstein MD, d. March 27, age 86.  Med. School Harvard, general surgeon.  Tucson practice 1959.  Practced at 1535 N. Tucson, 2406 E. Elm, 601 N. Wilmot, 2260 N. Rosemont.  Retired 1987.  Member 1959-2008.  He was president of the Pima County Medical Foundation.  His wife, Bunny, got a job in Washington DC, but was killed in a car wreck in Texas on the way there.

Philip John Polina MD (Col., USAF), d. March 15, age 77.  Medical School Geneva (Switz.) ’56.  Practiced in New York, joined Air Force 1978.  Stationed at DM 1978-1984, 87-91.  Joined JCAHO 1991-2002.  Never a member.

Dorothea M. Gearhart, widow of Robert S. Gearhart MD, died 7/16/07.  In Star 3/16/08.  Her husband Robert had been the medical director at the Southern Pacific Hospital.

Deanne Jean Bock Nelson LPN, died 4/2/08, age 68.  Worked at St.. Joseph’s for 28 years, member state board of nursing.

Samuel Boxer, father of  Michael Boxer MD, died March 12.  Natalie S. Hayes, grandmother of Sean McCafferty MD, died March 28.

The sister of Warren eddy MD died and Eleanor Luther, long time nurse in Tucson, also died.


Bernard Witten Simons MD, d. March, age 81.  Med. School Stanford ‘52, General surgeon.  Life-long surgeon.  Tucson practice 1958.   Member 1958-1988; 1993-2008.  According to Dr. Jackson, Dr. Simons retired in 1990.  Dr. Jackson read a lovely tribute he sent to the newspaper and it will be included in Sombrero.

Alexander “Sandy” Woods MD, JD, d. Feb 16, age 85.  Medical School Johns Hopkins ’52, Internal Medicine.  Attended Arizona Desert School for Boys.  Joined founding faculty at UA College of Medicine. Member 1965-1975; 1987-2008.

Betty Slosser died Feb. 16.  Widow of Paul Slosser MD (Yuma) and mother of Paul Slosser MD.

Susan Grimm Woodward RN, died Feb. 14, age 76.

Kathy Eppley RN died Feb. 14, age 54.

Nancy Ann Leonardo Santos RN, died January 23, age 52.  UMC Nurse for 30 years.

Fathers of Dr. Stephen Pozez and Dr. Wendy Huempfner died in March.  Grandmother of Alliance President  Kynn Escalante died..


Richard L. Dexter MD, d. January 9, age 81.  Med. School Cornell ‘53, Cardiologist .  Tucson 1958.   Member 1958-1995.  Served on numerous PCMS committees.  President PCMS 1972.  President ArMA 78-79.  Head of BOMEX.

Alan Porter Dean MD, d. January 10, age 72.  Medical School Rochester ’57, anesthesiology (Pima Anes, Southern Arizona Anes Services – mainly at St. Joseph’s).  Member 1974-1980; 1988-92.

Kazuo Tashiro MD, d. January 11, age 89.  Medical School Cincinnati ’44, GP (Ohio), radiology (1011 N. Craycroft, Kino Hosp., Cochise Hosp).   Member 1980-1981.

John William Ver Steeg MD, died Dec. 30, 2007, age 63. Medical School Northwestern.  Came to Tucson 1983 after retiring and volunteered with Dennis Wolfson MD.  Never a member.

Mary Anne Kane RN, died Feb. 7, age 84.  Graduated from and taught nursing at Creighton.  Married Bill Kane MD and lived in Butte, Montana until his death.  Moved to Tucson in 1970.  Worked in St. Joseph OR until 1992.

Fathers of Dr. James Angiulo and Dr. Michael Hamant died in February.                      




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