Deaths in the Pima County Health Care Family


February 2011

Thomas Fredrick Way MD, general surgeon, d. Jan. 4, age 80.  Med sch: St. Louis Univ. Capt. US Army, private practice (solo) Merced.  Moved to Tucson in 2005.  Never a member.

Balz Isler MD, orthopedic surgeon at Thomas Davis, Tucson Clinic, d. in Zurich of pancreatic cancer (source: Dr. Sidi).  He did an internship and residency at THMEP from 1973-1976.

Ave June Wolfe MD,  pediatrician who lived in Tucson 1978-2006.  Never a member.

Graydon Randolph Forrer MD, psychiatrist and father of  neurologist Scott Forrer MD, d. Jan. 17, age 86.  Med sch: Michigan ’49.  USPHS and training in psychiatry.  Practiced in Flint, Michigan 1955-1987.  Moved to Anchorage and practiced 1987-1998, when he moved to Tucson.  Never a PCMS member.

Nancy Joy Reinhardt RN, graduate of Tucson High who played in both the Badger and UA marching bands and who graduated from Mercy College of Nursing in San Diego and worked as nurse for decades, d. Jan 6, age 70.

Beatrice Smith RN, graduate of St. Mary’s School of Nursing in Spokane, d. Jan. 11, age 95.

Sara T. Friedman RN, wife of neurologist Arnold Friedman MD who worked as a nurse in the Pacific Northwest, Boston and New York state, d. Jan 10, age 99.

Patricia Bukowski Smith RN, moved to Tucson in 1973 and worked at Posada del Sol and TMC and co-founded Home and Hospital Services of Tucson.  She died Jan. 14, age 72.

Patricia Anne Walsh RN, graduate of Alfred University (NY) who worked as a public health nurse in Santa Cruz County and in OB?GYN and oncology at UMC, d. Jan. 24, age 86.

Edith Barbour Lauver RN, former head of nursing at Pima County and Kino hospitals, d. Jan 14 of COPD, age 77.

Other:  Gabe Zimmerman, aide to Rep. Gabby Giffords and who helped constituents get VA and Medicare help as well as worked on health policy and is the step-son of Pamela Golden MD, d. Jan 8 in a mass shooting, age 30.  Sandi Strachen, an original staff member of the Pima Community Access Program who was in charge of the physician network, died suddenly December 21, age 65.



January 2011

Rev. Carey Womble MD, surgery, general practice, d. Oct. 12, age 94.  Med sch: Tulane ’40. Internship & residencies (surgery) at various Naval hospitals in San Diego, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.  After Navy service, became a medical missionary in Puerto Rico (1949-1965).  Spent three years in seminary, ordained Episcopal priest 1968.  Took over Dr. Edward Wong’s practice (2225 S. Sixth Ave) in 1977.  PCMS member 1971-2010.

G. Arthur Anderson MD, OB/GYN, d. Dec 1, age 86.  Med sch Nebraska ’47. I/R Nebraska.  1951-1953 chief of OB at Davis Monthan.  Private practice Tacoma, then moved to Tucson in 1954, opening an office at 754 N. Country Club.  Retired 1988.  PCMS Member 1954-2010.

Robert C. Lloyd MD, OB/GYN, d. Dec. 12, age 76.  Med Sch Kansas ’60. I/R Kansas.  Moved here in 1966 and joined Thomas Davis Clinic and spent his career there. PCMS member 1966-1996.

DeArmond Lindes MD, general practice, biomedical engineering, d. Nov. 15, age 90.  Med sch Jefferson ’46. I: Frankford Hosp Philadelphia.  Post grad: UA Dept of Chemistry and radioisotopes, ultrasound.  Served as secretary-treasurer Apache County Medical Society.  Practiced at 700 N. Country Club.  Joined Air Force in 1975, retired from Air Force in 1980.  Went to Navajo Nation and El Rio, retiring in 1984.  Member off and on 1963-present.

Anna Marie Kaiser RN, graduate of Finley Hospital school of nursing in Dubuque (1939) and worked as a visiting nurse as well as supervisor of nurses in Dubuque schools, d. Nov. 12, 2010, age 92. 

Anna Elizabeth O’Leary RN, nurse and nurse anesthetist with private institutions, the US Navy and the Tucson VA, d. Dec. 2, age 87.

Connie “Concha” Molina RN, graduate of St. Mary’s nursing school and a surgery nurse at St. Mary’s for 21 years, d. December 7, age 90.

Renaye “Ricki” Lehman, patient instructor for second year medical students at the college of medicine, d. Dec. 13, age 81.

Lolita L. May RN, graduate of Marquette School of Nursing who worked at American Motors and the US Post Office, d. Nov. 27, age 88.

Gloria Yolanda Marino RN, worked at UMC and on the Tohono O’Odham reservation, d. Dec. 11, age 87.

Bernadine H. Armstrong RN.  A Lt. Col, she enlisted as an Army nurse at the start of World War II and served on the hospital ship John H. Meany as a surgical nurse.  She joined the air force, and served in Korea.  After retirement she worked at DM.  She died Jan. 3, age 98.

Norma Gibbons Anderson, PharmD, one of the first women graduates of the UA College of Pharmacy, d. nov. 24, age 80.  Her career was in Flagstaff.  She was born in Tucson and was a tri-delt at the UA.

OtherTwyla Hauser, surgical tray supervisor for 17 years in Fallbrook, CA, d. Nov. 10, 2010, age 77.    Abbie D. Kitt, widow of Stanley Kitt MD, d. Nov. 15, age 92.  Janet Anita Nestor, wife of Jack Nestor MD, d. Dec. 1, age 78.  Deborah Winn Debruin, certified nursing assistant for 20 years in Illinois, d. December 1, age 61.  Mary Bynum, mother of Kathleen Bynum DO, d. Dec. 2, age 75.  Louise T. Casanova, first Pima County Emergency Services Coordinator and leader in paramedic and EMT legislation as well as a founder of the trauma system in Tucson, d. Dec. 3, age 77.  Marjory Merrell Allen, widow of William B. Allen MD, d. Dec. 9, age 96.  Carol Louise Sieber, widow of Otto Sieber MD, d. Dec. 31, age 78.  Larry Cronin MD’s father died in January.




Rev. Carey Womble MD, surgery, general practice, d. Oct. 12, age 94.  Med sch: Tulane ’40. Internship & residencies (surgery) at various Naval hospitals in San Diego, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.  After Navy service, became a medical missionary in Puerto Rico (1949-1965).  Spent three years in seminary, ordained Episcopal priest 1968.  Took over Dr. Edward Wong’s practice (2225 S. Sixth Ave) in 1977.  PCMS member 1971-2010.

Rose Chacko, psychiatrist in India and Australia, d. in Tucson October 19, age 84.

Thomas E. Curran, III, MD, d. October 20.

Gerald Nathenson MD, d. October 20, age 78.  Served as a medical officer at DM and retired to Tucson after a career as professor of pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Anthony B. Yang MD, d. Oct. 24, age 86.  Medical degree from the Philippines; practiced in Canada, California and 13 years in Superior, Arizona.

David M. McCollum DO, d. Oct. 29, age 84.  GP, anesthesia – practiced briefly at Mesa General (chief of staff) but spent the majority of his career in Indiana, where he was president of the Indiana Osteopathic physicians and surgeons.  Retired to Oro Valley.

Lenore Fogarty RN, graduate of St. Mary’s school of nursing at the Mayo Clinic (1948) and nursing veteran at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, d. Aug. 18, age 84.

Margaret Neill RN, d. Oct. 22, age 63.  Ended her career working at St. Mary’s Hospital in Tucson.

Nilo V. Gomez MD, radiology, d. Oct. 16, age 70.  He practiced in Tucson 1990-1997 and was a PCMS member at that time.

Other:  Jay Spencer Angevine, son of pioneer UA College of Medicine faculty member Jay Angevine, d. Sept. 25, age 56.  Virginia Ayers, Tucson General Hospital EKG and Echo tech, d. Sept. 13, age 75.  Alma Ecke, lab tech in the 1940s through 1961 and worked for Drs. Fosdick and Farness, d. Oct. 14, age 88. Jean M. Hartman, healthcare/medical records consultant, d. Oct. 26.  Mildred Hancock, mother of Virgil Hancock MD, d. Sept. 19, age 90.  Lorraine Tansey, dietician at the Tucson VA, d. Oct. 25.




October 2010

OtherJean Ward Davis, employed by the Tucson Clinic, d. in September, age 88.  Lois B. Klemmedson, mother of Daniel Klemmedson MD, d. September 20, age 81. Isabelle V. Kurtin, wife of Henry J. Kurtin MD, d. Oct. 4, age 92.  Michael D. Brooks, patient care technician at St. Mary’s and NW hospitals, d. Oct. 3, age 37.  Barbara Evashevski Davis, ex-wife of Dr. William Davis, died Sept. 21, age 65.



July - September 2010

Gerald W. Sikorski DO, d. June 6, age 81. 

L. Philip Carter MD, neurosurgeon, d. July 6 of cancer, age 71.  Med sch: Washington University (St. Louis) ’64.  I -- Harbor View (Seattle), R-St. Luke’s (NYC), Barrow Neurological Inst. 1967-1972.  Member 1988-2010.

Kerriston L. Marsh DO, family medicine, d. July 11, age 80.  Graduated from Medical school in 1963, practiced 45 years.  PCMS member Christopher Marsh DO is his son.  Never a member.

Robert R. Mataczynski MD, family physician in Wisconsin who wintered in Tucson, d. July 1, age 80.  Med school: Wisconsin ’55.  Never a member.

Jorge A. Godinez Cejudo MD, ophthalmologist, d. Feb. 15, age 70. Med sch: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico ’61.  R Wills eye Hosp, Philadelphia ’74-78.  ArMA alt delegate 83-85, 90-92.  Member 1978-1992.

Daniel Browne Gute MD, urologist, d. July 18 (suicide with wife) in Milwaukee.  Was a snowbird and never a member.

Andrew P. Royster MD, radiologist, d. July 31 of sudden cardiac arrest, age 42.  Med Sch: UConn ’94.  I-THMEP ’95.  R-Boston U & Harvard ’00.  Member 2000-2010.

Christopher J. Heller MD, surgeon, medical information, d. August 4, age 72.  Med Sch: Johns Hopkins ’63.  I/R-Univ Hospitals of Cleveland (Case Western) ’63-68.  Vietnam & Army 68-70.  Joined Thomas Davis.  By 1973 in private practice 601 N. Wilmot.  Eventually joined Dr. Yoder in practice on Carondelet Drive.  Member 1971-1988.

Jack S. Stern MD, Texas Neurosurgeon, d. July 30, age 81.  Appears never practiced or lived here although two of his daughters live in Tucson.

Harinder S. Garewal MD, oncology/hematology, d. August 23, age 59.  Med sch: Harvard ’77. I/R Oregon ’73-81, F Arizona ’81-84.  Husband of Kristin Olson-Garewal MD.  PCMS member 1985-2000.

David T. Karzon MD, Vanderbilt chair of pediatrics 1968-1986, d. Aug 26, age 90.

Lois Arlene Carder, nurse, graduate of Deaconess school of nursing, d. June 18, age 66. 

Karen Kay Doran RN, 38 year nurse at Tucson General Hosp., d. June 16, age 71.

Larrie Ann Theis RN, long career as a nurse including four years as a TMC Hospice nurse, d. June 30.

Roxa Rae Dehart RN, 1962 graduate of Good Samaritan Nursing School in Phoenix, worked labor and delivery at UMC for 25 years, died in July, age 69.

Betty J. West RN, MRN, Worked at St. Mary’s and the VA, d. June 25, age 78.

Barbara Leah Ridenour, nurse and wife of Dr. Don Ridenour, d. July 3, age 76.

Mary M. Lammie RN, graduate of St. Anthony’s School of Nursing and an Army nurse, d. July 14, age 99.

Carolyn Ales Kent, nurse and rehab councilor, d. July 15, age 56.

Susan Dalsy Homer Spikes RN, nurse in Tucson and was in home health care, d. July 22, age 51.

Patti Ann Fletcher RN, worked at St. Joseph’s for 33 years, d. July 24, age 66.

Lorraine L. Rorabaugh RN, was ready to be a nurse but the Army Cadet Nurse Corps was disbanded as she graduated, d. July 6, age 85.

Kristi Lynn Snead RN, UA College of Nursing grad and researcher at the Arizona Cancer Center, d. July 29, age 37.

Yuzy Woo Hansen, nurse for 40 years in Phoenix, Yuma, Houston and Tucson, d. July 22, age 85.

Carmen Romero Phillips (Burruel) RN, Az native, graduate of ST. Mry’s Nursing school, WW II flight nurse (1st Lt.), 43 years as a nurse (Corpus Christi and in the OR at St. Joseph’s), d. Aug 7, age 89.

Mary Ann Dineen RN, who worked at Planned Parenthood, St. Joseph’s and Tucson visiting nurse agencies, d. August 22, age 69.

Mary Margaret Helm RN, nurse who won the Mid American Nursing Society On Addiction outstanding service award in 1983, d. Aug 24 at St. Mary’s, age 63.

Margaret Porter RN, worked at TMC Hospice, GI recovery and Tucson Gastro, d. in late August, age 68.

Gwenyth M. Gordon Taylor, nurse (from photo), d. Sept. 4, age 58.

Claudia Grant Dalton RN, nursing degree in 1944, worked at VA in Tucson, d. September 9, age 86.

Alan David Drexler, pharmacist for Hook’s Drug Store for 30 years, d. Aug. 23, age 76.

OtherEllen Pinnas, wife of Jacob Pinnas MD, d. July 12, age 68.  Joel Meister PhD, one of the founders of the College of Public Health and the Arizona anti-smoking campaign, d. July 6, age 69. Jean Alice Nelson, TMC OR technician and assistant to Drs. Burkhardt and Schurr as well as an EMT, d. July 15.  Alex Kelley (pilot), Brenda French (paramedic), Parker Summons (flight nurse), d. July 28 in a LifeNet helicopter crash on Park Avenue, ages 61, 28 & 41.  Mary Jo Ard, music therapist, d. July 22.  Thomas F. Elias, father of Laura de la Torre MD, d. August 8, age 80.  James O. Klemmedson PhD, father of Daniel Klemmedson MD, d. August 16, age 89.  Jeffrey Bowen Macbeth, step-son of Tucson general practitioner L. Craig Macbeth MD (who died in 1995), d. August 19, age 63.  Sally Freund, wife of PCMS History Committee member and former education director at TMC Jerry Freund, d. in June of a heart attack.

Sister Mary Alberta Cammack CSJ, Teacher, historian, author, member of the PCMS History Committee, d. July 14, age 92.  A video interview with her was done by Dr. Klein before her retirement to California.