Deaths in the Pima County Health Care Family


September-October 2012

Ernest Jackson Johnson MD, US Public Health Service, d. August 25, age 75.  Med sch. Mississippi.  He practiced as a flight surgeon with the Navy, then the rest of his career in the Indian Health Service, including San Xavier.  He was never a PCMS member.

Johannes (John) H. H. Penners MD, radiologist, d. August 25, age 89.  Amsterdam Medical School ’53. I-Trinity Lutheran (Kansas City) ’55-56.  I- Presbyterian Hospital (Denver) ’57-60. General practice in Netherlands 1953-55.  Radiology practice in Grand Forks North Dakota, 1969-66.  Joined Thomas-Davis, retiring in 1992.  PCMS member 1967-2012.

John F. Hemmer MD, neuroradiology, d. Oct. 9.  Med sch. Indiana.  R/F-Michigan.  He practiced with Arizona State Radiology and was on the faculty at the UA College of Medicine.   He was never a PCMS member .

James H. Stephans, psychiatrist, d. Sept. 18.

Anna Mae Kennan RN, received her RN from Moline Hospital Public School of Nursing in 1939, died September 14, age 94

Margaret Nunn Grossetta RN, an Australian pediatric nurse (degree 1943) and war bride, d. Sept. 10.

Vaunette Jeanne Howell RN, known as “Willie” she graduated from St. Francis Nursing College (Evanston IL) in 1945 and worked at TMC and Kino, d. Sept. 19, age 87.

Jeannie Furrer LPN, who worked 30 years at TMC, d. Sept. 8, age 66.

Other:  Patricia Lapan, local philanthropist and mother of Tucson cardiologist David lapan MD, d. in September, age 84.  Carolyn L. Shultz, social worker and wife of M. Lee Shultz MD, d. Sept. 14.


June-September 2012

Jerry Lee Bressle MD, cardiology, d. June 7, age 79.  Med sch. Oklahoma ‘58. I-Texas. R- Oklahoma.  He practiced for 36 years in Oklahoma City.  He came to Tucson in retirement in 1998.  He was never a PCMS member.

James C. DeSando MD, cardiology, d. in June, age 73.  Med Sch. Georgetown ’64. I/R Grady Memorial (Atlanta) 64-66, Air Force 66-68.  Finished his IM training at Grady, then did his cardiology training at Georgetown. He had served at Davis-Monthan, so he returned to Tucson in 1971 and became an interventional cardiologist.  He closed his office in 1996 because of ill health but did work at rehab centers and helped establish the mobile Disaster Medical Assistance Team in Southern Arizona.  He was a PCMS member, 1971-present.

Wayne M. Heine MD, OB/GYN, d. July 24, age 79.  Med Sch: Duke. I-Med Col of Virginia ’58-59, R-Florida ’59-62.  Research Fellowship, Wooster Mass ’62-63.  Founding OBGYN chair at Texas Tech.  Held academic positions at Florida and Arizona prior to Texas Tech, and returned to Arizona as OBGYN dept chair in 1989. He retired from the position in 1994. He was a PCMS member 1990-2012.

Felix Hurtado MD, pediatrician, d. July 26, age 87. Med sch: Havana, ’46. Finished pediatric training in 1950.  Practiced in Havana with his wife until becoming a refugee in 1961.  Obtained a MPH from Cal in 1968.  Worked for the Indian Health Service in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona (including Sells).  Never a PCMS member.

Alfredo C. Ramirez MD, psychiatrist, d. August 31, age 66.  Born in Los Angeles, he entered the military during Viet Nam and served as a medic.  Med Sch: Guadalajara. I/R Mt Carmel, Detroit in family practice.  He served as a US Army physician and later took a residency in psychiatry.  He left the military a Lt. Col in 1997 and started practice in Tucson.  PCMS member 1997-2007.

Sylvia C. Levin RN, received her RN from Beth Israel school of nursing and workeds for 17 years as a nurse, died May 3, age 88.

Barbara Bourne RN, a 1956 graduate of St. Luke’s school of nursing (Chicago) who worked as a nurse until just before her death, d. May 25, age 77.

Billie Lee Taylor RN, who was also the head of medical records at TMC in the 1960s, d. June 28, age 87.

Starr B. Springhower LPN, a long time nurse in Tucson, d. June 29, age 70.

Joanna Chester RN, who worked at TMC, UMC, El Rio and Family Hospice Care, d. August 18, age 32.

Violet Mildred Caber RN, a 1943 graduate of the School of Nursing of the Philipsburg State Hospital in Pennsylvania, d. Sept. 1, age 91.

Other: Major Michael Anthony, retired Marine Corps pilot who flew EMS missions here for 10 years, d. June 18, age 53.  Elizabeth Cocoran, mother of Mary Cochran MD, d. June 15, age 89. Bernard J. Friedman, the architect who designed the University of Arizona College of Medicine among other notable buildings in Tucson and Arizona, d. June 21, age 96. Edward Peter Sandquist, County & Kino Community hospitals electrician 1973-1983, d. June 25, age 96. Jeanne Joyce, retired director of cardiac services at TMC. D. August 3, age 82.  Mable Doris Gooden, a member of TMC’s education faculty for 20 years, d. Aug 21, age 87.  Sue Wootton Minter,  widow of David R. Minter MD, d. Aug 19, age 94.


February - March 2012

Pauline Clendening MD, family medicine, d. Feb. 7, age 90. Med School: Creighton ’50. Practiced in Kansas for 32 years.  Retired to Tucson in 1983.  Never a PCMS member.

Frederick Alan Kruezer MD, OB/GYN, d. Feb. 25, age 66.  Med sch: Arizona ’71, the first UA UA Collge of Medicine graduating class.  Never a PCMS Member.

Margaret Long RN, a nurse at the VA, d. Feb 11, age 81.

Patsy L. Wood Prater, RN, nurse practitioner in Tucson for 30 years, d. Feb. 9, age 76.

Freda Mae Beezeley, RN, who prior to retiring in Tucson worked as a nurse in Detroit, Honolulu and Florida, d. Feb 14, age 87.

Martha M. Harden, LPN, worked in many states but not Arizona, d. Feb 25.

Margaret Anne File RN, flght nurse who practiced 30 years  and who directed the practical nurse program at Pima Community College for 17 years, d. March 3, age 77.

Audrey Beverly Abbott, RN, was a nurse for 40 years and retired to Tucson in 1977, d. Feb 7, age 98.

Clara “Rusty” Dambach, RN, a nurse serving in Africa and Europe during WW II, she worked in many VA Hospitals, including Tucson, as well as at the Tucson Long Term Care Hospital, d. Feb 25, age 93.

Jay B. Angevine, Jr., PhD, professor emeritus, UA College of Medicine, d. Oct. 18, 2011, age 83. Charter faculty member of the UA College of Medicine.

OtherAnn Frances Edwards, widow of Henry S. Edwards MD who worked as chief of physical medicine and rehab at the Tucson VA, d. Jan. 13, age 89. Thomas Mercer Brittain PhD, a clinical psychologist with GHMA and Thomas Davis Clinic, died Jan 30, age 72. William Tynan, father of Tucson surgeon Gerlinde Tynan MD, d. Feb 22, age 75.


November 2011

William F. Denny MD, internal medicine  d. September 10, age 84.  Med sch: Oklahoma ‘53. I-Geo Washington (DC), R-Oklahoma. 54-57.  Founding faculty at the UA College of Medicine.  Founded first medical residency at the Tucson. VA. Never a PCMS Member. 

Raymond Grossman MD, Family Practice, Neurology d. Oct. 17 after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease, age 83.  Med sch. Zurich ’58.  I-St. Joseph’s Phoenix ’59.  R. Montreal Neurological Institute ’61, Arizona ’69-71. Practiced in Douglas (he was president of the Cochise County Medical Society 1961-1969) and Tucson. He fully retired in 2004.  PCMS Member 1970-2011.

Myrna F. Alfred, a nurse who graduated from Pima Community College, d. Oct. 8, age 89.    

Lily May Spaulding RN, who worked as a nurse in Vermont, Safford and at TMC and Tucson General, d. Oct. 7, age 90.

Catherine Evon Wierzbicki RN, a nurse in Baltimore, Detroit and Tucson (NW Medical Center and UMC), d. Oct. 26, age 68.

Kristin L. Buyer RN, CCU nurse who met her husband, Richard Buyer MD, when caring for one of his patients, d. recently, age 47.

Other: Therese Freundlich, wife of Irwin Freundlich MD, d. Oct. 10, age 74.  Rolden Heath, pharmacist in Lake Havasu and Tucson (Commonworld), d. Oct 10, age 77.  Margaret Turner Guthkelch, wife of Norman Guthkelch MD, d. Nov. 1.


October 2011

William F. Denny MD, internal medicine  d. September 10, age 84.  Med sch: Oklahoma ‘53. I-Geo Washington (DC), R-Oklahoma. 54-57.  Founding faculty at the UA College of Medicine.  Founded first medical residency at the Tucson. VA. Never a PCMS Member. 

Hideo Pail Kageyama MD, d. in Tucson Sept. 27.  Seems to have practiced in LA and retired here.

L. Bruce Mills MD, dermatologist who retired to Tucson from Honolulu, died in Palm Springs, August 15.

Arlene J. Cumberland RN, a nurse for 41 years who spent many years in the service and retired a colonel, d. Sept. 8, age 94.    

Mildred M. Van Karsen RN, a nurse for 48 years, d. Sept. 15, age 98

Helen Elizabeth Hadley RN. Who worked at St. Joseph’s for 30 years, d. Aug 23, age 83.

Marjorie Wilson RN, graduated from St. Mary’s Nursing School in Tucson and worked for St. Mary’s and for Dr. Robert Bates, died September 23, age 86.

Evelyn Morris, nurse, who retired here after a career in New Jersey, d. September 30, age 88.

Other: Patricia Anne Henely, medical assistant who fought cancer four times, d. Sept. 20, age 60.  Linda Lea Gerhart, who had a 30-year career in radiology here, d. Sept. 25 age 62.  George Bernard Olsen, UA professor of immunology and microbiology for 24 years, d. September 25, age 79.  Andrew David Guy, founder of Dialysis Foundation of Southern Arizona and the Southwest Kidney Institute, d. September 25, age 76.  Charlotte Pedersen, mother-in-law of PCMS Services Director Bill Fearneyhough, died October 1, age 85.  Pearl Leib, mother of Marc Leib MD, d. October 8, age 84.  The father of Alan Rogers MD died in Texas October 8.