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March - April 2013

Robert M. Knox MD died Feb. 26, age 96.  Med sch: Kansas.  He was in private practice in Des Moines and worked reviewing Social Security cases until age 85.

Vincent A. Fulgniti MD, pediatrician and founder of the UA College of Medicine Department of Pediatrics, died March 19 from cancer, age 81.  Med sch: Temple ‘57. I- Philadelphia General Hospital.57-58.  R- St. Christopher’s (chief resident).58-61. F-Colorado 61’62.  Interested in pediatric infectious disease, he was a first-rate scholar.  He served as Acting Dean at the UA College of Medicine, dean at Tulane University Medical School and chancellor of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, where there is a bioethics pavilion named for him.  He was a PCMS member since his arrival in the 1960s.

Philip E. Greenman DO.  Services April 13 at Grace Episcopal, 10:30 a.m.

Jane Shepard RN, who graduated from St. Mary’s School of Nursing and worked at St. Mary’s in Tucson and at St. Joseph’s, d. March 4, age 84.

Irene Kendall LPN, a Tucson resident for 40 years and US Army veteran, d. in March, age 90.

Other:  James R. Darnton II, medical photographer at the University of Arizona Medical Center and St. Mary’s and for medical textbooks, d. March 13, age 69.  Steve Trujillo, AIDS activist and director of behavioral health clinic at El Rio Health Center, d. March 11, age 55.  Ronald E. Orth PhD, a professor of pharmacy at the universities of Kentucky, Houston and Arizona, d. March 22, age 83.  Jennifer K. Nelson, who served as a medical assistant with Dr. John Pifer for more than 30 years, d. March 17, age 57. Walter H. Brewer, father of local OB/GYN Walter Brewer MD, d. April 15, age 91.  Sofia Abrams, widow of Herbert Abrams MD, d. April 17, age 83.