Deaths in the Pima County Health Care Family


May - June 2013

Richard Frederick Dahlen MD: Died May 2, 2013 at 86. Tucson dermatologist with Associated Dermatologist.

Humberto C. Gonzalez MD: Died June 3, 2013 at 87 in Indianapolis, IN. He was a general surgeon in Tucson.


March - April 2013

Robert M. Knox MD died Feb. 26, age 96.  Med sch: Kansas.  He was in private practice in Des Moines and worked reviewing Social Security cases until age 85.

Vincent A. Fulgniti MD, pediatrician and founder of the UA College of Medicine Department of Pediatrics, died March 19 from cancer, age 81.  Med sch: Temple ‘57. I- Philadelphia General Hospital.57-58.  R- St. Christopher’s (chief resident).58-61. F-Colorado 61’62.  Interested in pediatric infectious disease, he was a first-rate scholar.  He served as Acting Dean at the UA College of Medicine, dean at Tulane University Medical School and chancellor of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, where there is a bioethics pavilion named for him.  He was a PCMS member since his arrival in the 1960s.

Philip E. Greenman DO.  Services April 13 at Grace Episcopal, 10:30 a.m.

Jane Shepard RN, who graduated from St. Mary’s School of Nursing and worked at St. Mary’s in Tucson and at St. Joseph’s, d. March 4, age 84.

Irene Kendall LPN, a Tucson resident for 40 years and US Army veteran, d. in March, age 90.

Other:  James R. Darnton II, medical photographer at the University of Arizona Medical Center and St. Mary’s and for medical textbooks, d. March 13, age 69.  Steve Trujillo, AIDS activist and director of behavioral health clinic at El Rio Health Center, d. March 11, age 55.  Ronald E. Orth PhD, a professor of pharmacy at the universities of Kentucky, Houston and Arizona, d. March 22, age 83.  Jennifer K. Nelson, who served as a medical assistant with Dr. John Pifer for more than 30 years, d. March 17, age 57. Walter H. Brewer, father of local OB/GYN Walter Brewer MD, d. April 15, age 91.  Sofia Abrams, widow of Herbert Abrams MD, d. April 17, age 83.


February - March 2013

Philip E. Greenman DO, general practice in Buffalo, Dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State, d. February 5, age 84.  He retired to Tucson in 2004.  Never a PCMS member.

Del V. Steinbronn MD, urologist, died in a plane crash in Casa Grande, Feb.6, age 65.  He was born in Phoenix and earned his MD from the UA College of Medicine in 1974.  He did residencies in urology and radiation oncology at the UA and joined the faculty.  He entered private practice in 1986.  He was a PCMS member 1978-present.

Charles Pullen MD, pediatrician, died Feb. 22, age 87.  He grew up in Flagstaff.  Med Sch: Southwestern Medical School (Dallas). Capt, US Air Force, stationed at DM in Tucson.  Private practice 1960-1980 in Tucson, during which he was a founding faculty member of the UA College of Medicine.  Lt. Col US Army at Fort Huachuca 1981-1985.  Worked at the hospital in Ganado, AZ, 1985-1994. He was an avid hiker, photographer and PCMS member.

Harold G. Carstensen MD, OB/GYN, d. Feb 20, age 87.  Med sch University of Chicago ‘49.  I- Chicago Lying in 49-50. R. Walter Reed ’54.  Lt Col US Army eight years.  Started practice in Tucson in 1956.  Moved to practice to Harlingen, Texas in 1975.  PCMS member 1956-1975.

Elizabeth Kayser RN, Who earned her nursing degree at St. Mary’s in Tucson and later became a nurse anesthetist and was president of the nurse anesthetist association, d. Feb. 5, age 72.

Eva Susan Poage RN, who worked at TMC as a nurse after graduation from the University of Arizona, d. Feb 16, age 60.

Mary Louise Crawford RN, who spent most of her life in Tucson and was a biofeedback therapist and advocate, died in Californis Nov. 6, 2012.

Patricia Ann Montano, who attended St. Mary’s Nursing School and worked at St. Mary’s and Pima County Hospital, d. Feb 16, age 80.

Betty Jo Stokoe RN, a Tucson resident 1968-1979 and since 1999 who earned her nursing degree later in life and worked at Tehachapi Hospital in California, d. Feb 23, age 82.

Mary Helen Allison RN, MPH, graduated from the St. Mary’s School of Nursing and went on to earn BSN and MPH from the University of Arizona.  She worked at Carl Hayden Hospital and was an ER nurse at St. Mary’s before becoming a supervisor and instructor of nursing at Pima Community College.  She died Feb 25, age 84.

Other - Joseph Leon Balensi, doctor of East Asian medicine and a founding member of the Arizona Board of Acupuncture, d. Feb. 14, age 61.  Ronald R. Gilman,  who became a lab tech in the air force and worked his way up to Lab Supervisor at Kino Hospital, d. Feb. 23, age 53.


December 2012

Rockwell E. Jackson MD general surgeon, d. Dec. 5, age 87.  Med sch: Michigan ’48.  I/R: Michigan.  He served in the Korean War as a surgeon and taught at Michigan before coming to Tucson and Thomas Davis Clinic.  He and Dr. Bernard Simons were partners for years.  Dr. Jackson taught and volunteered as a surgeon after his retirement.  He also became a sought after artist whose western themes and bright colors dominated his paintings.  He designed the PCMS logo.  We was a PCMS member from his arrival in Tucson until his death.  He was an active member of the PCMS History Committee.

Charles Francis Krecke MD, radiologist, d. Dec. 14, age 85.  Med Sch: Michigan ’53. I Blodgett Hosp (Flint MI), R-Henry ford Hosp (Detroit).  After serving in the Air Force, he practiced in Grand Rapids and was president of the Michigan Radiologic Society.  He worked and taught several years at the University of Arizona Medical Center, retiring in 2009.  He was never a PCMS member.

James J. Corrigan MD, pediatrician/pediatric hematologist, d. Dec. 19, age 77.  Med sch: Pittsburgh ’61.  I/R Colorado ’61-64. F Illinois ’64-66.  He was an assistant professor of pediatrics at Emory University when he accepted a position as the first pediatric hematologist at the UA College of Medicine in 1971.  He served as PCMS president in 1988. Dr. Corrigan became vice dean at Tulane’s school of medicine in 1990 and became dean in 1993, serving until 1999. When he returned to Tucson in 2002, he continued to teach at TMC and the University.  He was an active member of the PCMS History Committee.  He was a PCMS member 1971-2012.

George Orin Thomasson MD, general practice, d. Dec. 24, age 75. Med sch: UT Southwestern.  He was in general practice, a Coast Guard physicians, team doctor at Florida, on the faculty at Univ of Denver and a risk manager with COPIC.  He was never a PCMS member.

Preston Johnson Taylor MD, internal medicine, d. Dec. 28, age 87.  Med Sch: Utah ’46. I-Boston City Hosp. ’48-49.  He was a captain in the medical corps 50-51.  R-Presbyterian (Columbia) ’51-53.  He practiced in Salt Lake City before joining Tucson Clinic n 1956-1986.  He volunteered at the UA College of Medicine the clinical examination program for medical students.  He was a PCMS member from 1956-present.

David A. Mullon MD, internal medicine, d. in 2012 (only learned about Jan 4, 2013).  Med sch: Virgina ’49.  I/R-Bellevue Hosp. 49-51, (Army 51-53)53-55.  He practiced in Tucson 1963-1992.  He served on the PCMS Board of Directors 87-89 and was a member 1963-1992.

Maybelle Cremer Silverstein MD, OB/GYN, d. Dec. 8, age 84.  She practiced many years in Tucson and was the widow of Martin E. Silverstein MD, a Tucson general surgeon.

Gay Goodwin Evans FNP, who worked at El Rio beginning in 1977, d. Dec 14, age 74.

Theresa Mary Thorne RN, who worked at the VA as an OR nurse, d. Dec 13, age 92.

Lynne Dreher RN, a nurse who worked in New York and Tucson (since 1983), d. December 11, age 60.

Mariann Shinoskie, RN, JD, a nurse on the Navajo reservation, a nurse midwife for El Rio and an attorney in Tucson (and for some time represented the UA College of Medicine), d. Dec. 11, age 62.

Edith Tworkowski RN, a graduate Adelphi University, who was a real estate agent in Tucson after moving here in 1976, d. Dec. 16, age 89.

Margaret Slattery Magner LPN, who worked as a nurse in Tucson at the Comstock Children’s Hospital as well as in other hospitals and nursing homes, d. Dec 3, age 101.

Other:  Ann Braun Goldfein, widow of Sam Goldfein MD, d. Sept. 30, age 81. 


November 2012

Sarah Patchell Ford MD, school physician, d. Nov. 19.  Med sch: Duke ’37.  Her sons, the late Byron Struse DO and T. Brysin Struse DO, both worked in Tucson.  She was never a PCMS member having spent most of her career in Philadelphia.

Franc Brodar MD, internal medicine, d. Nov. 16, age 87.  Born in Yugoslavia, he attended medical school at the University of Graz (Austria) and at Jefferson Medical College, ’57. After an internship at Mercy Hosp. in Darby PA, he worked in Whiteriver with the USPHS and had a general practice in San Manuel, Miami and Phoenix.  He studied anatomic pathology before during a THMEP residency in internal medicine in Tucson.  He entered practice in 1971. He worked in Tucson 1971-1997.  He was a PCMS member 1970-1977.

William E. de Alva MD, Family Practice, Administrative Medicine, d. Oct. 8, age 87.  Med sch. Nebraska, at age 40, 1964.  Prior he had been employed at Los Alamos.  I-St Joseph’s Hospital, Denver.  He practiced 24 years in Colorado before moving to Tucson to work in Cigna administration in Tucson.  He was a PCMS member 1990-2012.

Elliott Stearns MD. Only a death notice.

Connie Sue McGraw RN, who began her career as a nurse in the Navy and was an RN for 46 years, died September 29, age 70.

Lona Lou Waddell RN, a member of the Navy Nursing Corps in WW II, died September 26, age 90.

Jane Irene Albertson RN, d. September 25, age 79.

Sarah Christian Alexander RN, who was married to founding UA College of Medicine OB/GYN department chair Don Christian MD and Blue Cross/Blue Shield Executive and State Legislator Scott Alexander, d. October 12.  Her son-in-law is Walter Brewer MD. She worked off and on as a nurse and patient advocate throughout her life.

Jenifer Elyse Sheppard (nurse), who worked at Kindred Hospital as a floor worker, sales/marketing liaison and as a wound care nurse, d. Oct. 11, age 41.

Margaret Thompson RN, a graduate of the University of Arizona nursing program who worked as a psychiatric nurse in Toledo, OH until retiring to Tucson, d. Oct. 23, age 63.

Judi Burkhardt RN, a pediatric nurse who graduated from, and met her husband Boyd Burkhardt MD at, Deaconess Hospital in Boston, died November 6, age 73.

Mary L. Crawford RN, who worked as a cardiac nurse at UMC and had her own biofeedback therapist practice, d. Nov. 6.

Phyllis R. Vance RN, who worked for 30 years in Dr. Ronald Almgren’s office, d. November 12, age 85.

Judy Ann Walkup RN, a labor and delivery nurse for 27 years, d. November 18.

Other:  Ann Braun Goldfein, widow of Sam Goldfein MD, d. Sept. 30, age 81.  Linda Edwards Shelton, daughter of otolaryngologist Earl H. Brown MD who died n 1952, d. Oct. 10, age 71.  Megan M. Racz, daughter of Tucson internist Stanley Racz MD, d. Sept. 26, age 30.  Ellaine Bassford, mother of UA Department of Medicine chair Tamsen Bassford MD, d. Oct. 17, age 79.